Message from the Chairman

Building a house is not all about cement and steel, its is about a home Aspirations of a lifetime, an investment for generations and an abode of love care and relationship. To be a successful civil engineer, one has to be a technologist, designer, manager and most of all a humanist. It is a challenge to manage the balance of business and social welfare, the equilibrium of earning profit and getting being ambitions and being contended.

At Nirgudkar Construction, we take pride in the quality and sheer variety of our projects. Since 1976 to the present day we have pursued perfection and social contribution. We started small execution home interiors. Then we graduated to infrastructure projects. Then we moved on to housing colonies for some very demanding and astute customers like IAS and IPS officers and members of the judiciary. We worked for public utility corporations like the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation, the Brihanmumbai Electric supply and Transport Undertaking , the Mumbai University and the Central railway, to name a few.

We are a construction company with difference. We understand and appreciate the nuances of culture and heritage recently; we rejuvenated a 1000 year old temple keeping its centuries old aesthetics and sanctity in tact Because we believe that building is also about re-building.

But our difference does not end there we are deeply aware of our social responsibilities as well Even as we execute our projects we also sponsor cultural programmes, promote health camps encourage traditional sports offer scholarships to the needy and worth help establish centers of spiritual worship grow our own organic crops export flowers and fruits do our own research in agriculture . all of which give us enormous knowledge and deep insights which we extrapolate and use in our construction efforts .

Our journey has been long but our mission has been singular. To exceed customer expectations and establish our reputation of Trust .The Trust we have worn by dint of hard work by offering the best possible value to every customer at 5the most reasonable cost.

Today we are known as a premium and trusted construction company a corporate citizen with the best ethical and professional practices but our journey has barely begun. There are many thing s to do more heights to scale many more customers to serve And with each passing year we will deliver even more Trust