Books by Dr Sudhir Nirgudkar

Ek Asto Builder – Dr Sudhir Nirgudkar

In its Fifteenth Edition, Ek Asto Builder is not just a book by another successful entrepreneur, but a journey that takes you through the hardships, trials and tribulations of an entrepreneur who makes you think about your own journey while you read.
Dr Sudhir Nirgudkar has compiled real life experiences which give the reader an insight on the many shades of human nature and how hard work and dedication are challenged each time, testing your ethics and how can one overcome these obstacles with determination. Simple language and personal experiences from his entrepreneurial ventures, how did he make a mark with zest and zeal and a firmly rooted spiritual life, make it a must read for every entrepreneur. Ek Asto Builder is bound to make you believe in yourself and the good Karma of life. This book has also been translated in Kannada language too.)
**‘Ek Asto Builder’ is also available in Braille.

Rajmarg Yashacha/ The Royal Path to Success – Dr Sudhir Nirgudkar

Many of us will believe, ‘Experience speaks’. ‘Road to Success’ is a book every entrepreneur, anyone who wishes to excel in life must have. Easy language, day to day illustrations and Guru Mantra at the end of each chapter encourages the reader and motivates him to progress in life and emerge as a winner.

Majha Ganeshu – Dr Sudhir Nirgudkar

Dr Sudhir is a staunch devotee of Lord Ganesha. He has woven beautiful, legendary tales about Lord Ganesha along with precise information about the various temples of importance in Maharashtra. The Ashtavinayak Ganesha route is famous among devotees. Dr Sudhir Nirgudkar was the chairperson of the ‘Ashtavinayak Suvidha Prakalp’ (Ashtavinayak Facilitation Project) an initiative undertaken to provide basic amenities to the tourists.
Traditional Hymns of Lord Ganesha with important dates and rituals performed on those dates has been mentioned making this book valuable for tourists and devotees of Lord Ganesha.

Samarth Ramdasanchi Vyavasthapanniti (Ramdas – The Business Thinker) – Dr Sudhir Nirgudkar

Around 400 years ago, Samarth Ramdas wrote the ‘Dasbodh’. Though the political, cultural situation was different then, the advice to create ‘leaders’ in thoughtfully quoted ‘Ovi’ (verses)  is still applicable to business and the modern world today. Dr Sudhir Nirgudkar has been reading ‘Dasbodh’ since his childhood days and in this book has carefully drafted the underlying meaning quoting illustrations, thoughts of other management leaders too.
Review in ‘Adishakti’ Magazine by Dr. Shubha Chitnis - ‘Dasbodh’ has been looked upon as a spiritual text for ages. Dr Sudhir Nirgudkar gave it a scientific approach by analysing it from a scientific perspective. When one reads the verses from the ‘Dasbodh’ as illustrations in this book, one can only think of ‘Samarth Ramdas’ as the  ultimate Management Guru.

Bakhar Sambhajichi – Dr. Sudhir Nirgudkar

The Nirgudkars have a historical background. Late Shri Marutrao Hanumantrao Nirgudkar, an Ayurveda exponent of his time had treated Jijabai when she was facing difficulty during her pregnancy at the time of delivery. (A healthy child Chhatrapati Shivajiraje Bhosle was born to Jijabai). Shri Marutrai Hanumantrao Nirgudkar was rewarded by Shahajiraje Bhosle for his medical services. (Ref: Indian Express, 03rd July 2001)

Dr Sudhir Nirgudkar’s recollects his father, Rajabhau, who rarely visited Leelatai’s relatives, come to Phulgaon at her brother’s place only once. This was the time when he would walk to Tulapur and sit in meditation in the Sangameshwar Mahadev temple. It was his desire to restore the lost legacy of this 1000 year old temple which was fulfilled by his son Dr Sudhir Nirgudkar.

Tulapur has a rich history and it is also this same place where Dharmaveer Chhatrapati Sambhajiraje Bhosale was brutally killed on the confluence of the Bhima and Indrayani, where his Samadhi is built. During the restoration of this ancient temple, Dr Sudhir Nirgudkar felt deeply inclined to write a memoir of the history of Tulapur and especially write about Dharmaveer Chhatrapati Sambhajiraje Bhosle for whom he has profound respect and honour.

Thus, Bakhar Sambhajichi (A Memoir of Dharmaveer Chhatrapati Sambhajiraje Bhosle) was written. It has been well received and appreciated due to its simple yet lucid language and devotion put in by Dr Sudhir Nirgudkar.

The book also mentions the history and restoration of the Sangameshwar Mahadev Temple, Tulapur.


  1. I am immensely happy to hear the restoration undertaken of the historic temple – Shree Sangameshwar Mahadev, Tulapur. My best wishes for your good work. – Shree Sharad Pawar, (Past Chief Minister of Maharashtra)
  1. One can feel a deep sense of calm and serenity in this atmosphere here. Every time I visit, the experience is new. Let everyone get newer insights and experiences like this for ever. My best wishes to Dr Sudhir Nirgudkar and his family. – Shree Amol Palekar, Actor
  1. To remember the boundless sacrifice of Shambhuraja and get motivated from the light that seeps into our hearts, such is the atmosphere of this pilgrimage centre. One feels enlightened and happy to visit this land and its surroundings. – Shri Subhash Desai, Shivsena

Anahat Yatra – Lost and Found!

Finding the roots of one’s own family has been a topic of interest for many. But how many of us actually go in search of it? And for how long? Many a times, Dr Sudhir Nirgudkar was asked these questions, ‘What will you do after finding out all this?’ ‘Why waste time in all this?’

But when you actually have a strong desire to find out these roots and bring together everyone related to you, no one can stop you. This was the beginning of ‘Anahat Yatra’ a quest for searching the history of Nirgudkars that took Dr Sudhir Nirgudkar to almost all parts of India. A journey which at times gave him nothing except humiliation, rejection and at times with extreme happiness and a long term relation with many people. During this rigorous 14 years of penance, Charusheelatai, his better half, accompanied him. Thus, these two went through the whole journey and it was not just ten to fifteen generations that they found, but a history of almost 800 years ago that dates back to 1240AD/ 960AD.

His Holiness Swami Swaroopanand Saraswati, Phulgaon on ‘Anahat Yatra’: “We continue to live in nuclear families as if we have no precedence, no history. Sudhir’s work has shown that it takes a tradition, a large family background to create an individual. Sudhir is a product of his family and not just his parents”.
Veteran Historian Shivshahir Babasaheb Purandare: “Once you know your roots, it should add into your responsibilities”.

An Appeal: Dr Sudhir Nirgudkar has put in years of penance to collect this data. He invites all the Nirgudkars worldwide, to add themselves to the exhaustive database that he has been working and stay connected to the Nirgudkar clan having a rich historical background.