Dr Sudhir Nirgudkar’s Corporate Profile

Shree Ganeshaya Namah... A man on a mission

‘Some people come into your life as blessings and some come as lessons’. Dr Sudhir Nirgudkar’s life has been pretty similar to this sentence and he has turned those lessons into stepping stones and sharing it through his books, especially for the future generation.

Dr Sudhir Ganesh (alias Rajabhau) Nirgudkar, a Civil engineer by profession is a multi-faceted personality. To add to his existing profession of building constructions, Dr Nirgudkar is also a successful exporter of fruits and owns a farm in Tulapur.

Samaritan parents Late Shree Rajabhau Nirgudkar and Leelatai Nirgudkar  imbibed the virtues of humanity in their children, even though they were themselves facing hardships.  Dr Nirgudkar’s personal trysts in business and associations with various people made him only stronger into a self-made man.

‘Behind every successful man there is a woman’, but Dr Sudhir Nirgudkar says, ‘Behind my success there are two – My Mother Leelatai and my better half Charusheela. Both of them together have passed on the same virtues of simplicity, humbleness, sincerity and humanity in their children Mandar and Manjiri. Their daughter-in-law Priyanka, also, is very much a part of this Samaritan family.

Dr Sudhir Nirgudkar stands apart because of is his belief in sharing maximum amount of his earnings for noble social causes and his holistic approach towards life. He also believes that, ‘It requires virtue to share a morsel from your own plate’.

Dr Sudhir Nirgudkar has won many awards and accolades for his immense contribution towards the welfare of the society. His faith that goodness can be recycled has only won him the blessings of those needy that he served over these years.

A well-read persona, Dr Sudhir Nirgudkar is also a popular writer and has written several books ranging from personal experiences to management skills.

Personal Details

Name: Dr Sudhir Ganesh Nirgudkar
E-mail Id: info@nirgudkar.in
Date of Birth: 16th September
Spouse’s Name: Ms. Charusheela Nirgudkar
Children: Mandar and Manjiri, Veer(grandson)
Occupation: Nirgudkar Constructions, Nirgudkar Farms, Nirgudkar Foundation.


Awards Received Till Date



For his contribution towards Education

For his contribution towards Education

Awards received as an Entrepreneur

For his contribution towards Music and Art

Nirgudkar Constructions

Dr Sudhir Nirgudkar is a Civil engineer. His humble beginning of building a cow shed in Dombivali to constructing high rise towers is all because of his holistic approach, commitment, sincerity and honest ethical practices that he abided by, over these years. A trusted name in the construction industry, Nirgudkar Constructions believes that building a house is not all cement and steel, it is about the aspirations for a better home, an investment of a lifetime and an abode where love, care and relationships live in harmony. Nirgudkar Constructions began its activities in 1976. From small projects to big projects like the Solapur Sugar Factory and many prestigious projects of public utility corporations like the Municipal Corporation, BEST, Mumbai University, Central Railways, housing colonies for IAS and IPS officers, members of the Judiciary to name a few.
Nirgudkar Constructions is known as a premium and trusted construction company, a corporate citizen with the best ethical and professional practices and promises to serve the customers with the same trust and faith that they shower upon Nirgudkar Constructions.

Nirgudkar Farms – Farming the Holistic Way

Today’s generation believes in organic food. Dr Sudhir Nirgudkar turned a rocky land in Tulapur to a rich cultivated farm. He always believes that vegetables and fruits  harvested in the natural conditions are best. Nirgudkar Farms grows almost all types of fruits like strawberries, grapes, guavas, watermelons and vegetables like lady fingers, French beans to name a few.
Nirgudkar Farms adopts a responsible approach to farming products which are organically grown and free of harmful fertilizers and pesticides.
Most products of Nirgudkar Farms are grown in a natural and spiritual approach. The method adopted for farming is working at grass root level preserving the reproductive and regenerative capacity of soil, good plant nutrition and sound soil management, producing nutritious organic food which has the resistance to diseases abiding by the mission of Nirgudkar Foundation of ‘Recycling Goodness’.
Dr Sudhir Nirgudkar also did a practical test of the impact of Gayatri Mantra on the grapes and strawberries at the Nirgudkar Farms in Tulapur and was successful in this experiment. The plants showed a positive inclination and bore excellent quality product. Dr Sudhir Nirgudkar was appreciated all over by the media for this experiment.

Nirgudkar Foundation

Nirgudkar Foundation has been serving the society over 40 years with dedication in various fields ranging from Education, Healthcare, Sports, Music and Arts, Spirituality, History & Culture. Seeing their honest efforts, many stalwarts joined the ‘Recycling Goodness’ theme, which the Nirgudkars not only believe in, but also abide.  ‘Sharing what is good, restoring what is required and helping those who deserve’ has been a sort of Mantra for the Nirgudkars, who, over these 40 years have rushed to the aid of many schools, artists, heritage sites, pilgrim centres.


Dr Sudhir Nirgudkaris known for his holistic approach towards life. As a writer, he has written his personal life experiences for his readers in the book ‘Ek Asto Builder’ (Available in Marathi and Kannada languages). An avid reader and follower of Shree Ramdas Samarth’s ‘Dasbodh’, Dr Sudhir Nirgudkar very effectively illustrated, the importance of Verses from Dasbodh to real management strategies in today’s era in his ‘Samartha Ramdasanchi Vyavasthapanniti’ – (Available in English by the name ‘Ramdas- The Business Thinker). His book ‘The Royal Path to Success’ (Available in Marathi by the name – ‘Rajmarg Yasacha) is a handy book for those who want to excel in life with simple changes in their mindset and approach. Guru Mantras are useful, tips that one can summarise very easily. ‘Bakhar Sambhajichi’ is a book where he has written a memoir of Dharmaveer Sambhajiraje Bhosale. He has also written an account of the restoration of the ancient Tulapur temple in this book.
His quest for researching his ancestral roots made him travel all over India and he wrote ‘Anahat Yatra’ which features more than 900 years of the history of Nirgudkars.
Apart from these books, Dr Sudhir Nirgudkar’s articles ‘Sagun Nirgun’ were regular and popular features in Maharashtra’s leading newspaper ‘Maharashtra Times’.

Media and News

The work of Nirgudkar Foundation was not to be kept in wraps, so thought the media who made every good work public. The majority of the events that Nirgudkar Foundation undertook was upheld by the media because they understood the genuineness behind it. Hence, many leading newspapers, magazines featured the Nirgudkars and importantly, their work of Recycling Goodness.

An Appeal: Dr Sudhir Nirgudkar has put in years of penance to collect the historical data of the Nirgudkars. It is his earnest wish to reunite all the Nirgudkars worldwide and has appealed them to add themselves to the exhaustive database that he has been working and stay connected to this clan with a rich historical background.