‘घासातून घास काढून द्यायला संस्कार लागतो’ – ‘To give a morsel out of our own, requires Virtue’
Until one has given selflessly, one will not understand the value of earning. It is not what I can do, but what I practice, that matters.
– Dr Sudhir Nirgudkar

Nirgudkar Foundation believes that ‘Goodness can be recycled’! Yes, it can… Want to know more??

Nirgudkar Foundation has been serving the society over 40 years with dedication in various fields ranging from Education, Healthcare, Arts and Music, Spirituality, History & Culture. Seeing their honest efforts, many stalwarts joined the ‘Recycling Goodness’ theme, which the Nirgudkars not only believe in, but also abide.  ‘Sharing what is good, restoring what is required and helping those who deserve’ has been a sort of Mantra for the Nirgudkars, who, over these 40 years have rushed to the aid of many schools, artists, heritage sites, pilgrim centres.

Legacy of Goodness flows in the blood of the Nirgudkars for generations and  even today, the younger lot is taking it ahead with the same zest and zeal.